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We take graduate students admitted through the Cancer Biology and Molecular Life Science program of the Life Science Zurich Graduate School ( 

Please apply through the program. 


We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow with a strong publication record and experience in large data set analysis, immunology and/or biochemistry.  Please send a letter of motivation and CV to Dr. Wong at to discuss potential avenues of research and funding. 

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We are looking for a motivated master student that has finished bachelor studies and has a solid background in biology for a master thesis (6-12 month) in the field of primary immunodeficiencies or tumor microenvironment.  Our laboratory investigates the intersection of cell death and inflammation; how mutations in cell death pathways can trigger inflammation or how we can use cell death pathways to alter the tumor microenvironment.  Using a variety of techniques in vivo and in vitro, we investigate the function of immune cells and stromal cells in the context of immune dysregulation and determine intracellular signaling cascades related to cell death and inflammation.  

Projects in the laboratory include:


1) TNFR2 signaling and function in immune cell survival, differentiation and function.

2) Cell death proteins in endothelial cell function

3) Molecular analysis of how the inflammasome is activated.

Techniques you will learn:

Cell culture techniques, flow cytometry analysis, western-blot analysis, immunofluorescence, real-time qPCR, ELISA, primary cell isolation and animal models.

Please include a few lines why this area of work is of interest, CV and transcript and forward to Dr. Wong at

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