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Lynn Wong

Wei-Lynn Wong (Lynn) is originally from Canada. She went to the University of Guelph for her Bachelors of Science, participating in the co-operative program. Her PhD was completed at the University of Toronto at the Princess Margaret (PM) Cancer Centre (previously known as the Ontario Cancer Institute). She relocated to Melbourne, Australia for her postdoctoral years at the Walter + Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and LaTrobe University. Her scientific career has been anything but linear. She was a group leader turned Asst Prof in Institute of Experimental Immunology and now calls the Department of Molecular Life Sciences at the University of Zurich home.

Beyond her scientific career, Lynn is a sports enthusiast, having competed in Ironman, triathlons and multiple running races. Now she keeps up with her two young sons and is learning tennis.

Past team members; where are they now?


Postdoctoral Fellows:

Dr. Maya Zimmerman
Dr. Tvisha Misra, Postdoctoral fellow, Sick Kids Hospital Research Institute, Canada
Dr. Xuan Wang, Lab Head, Innovent Biologics, Suzhou, China


PhD students:

Dr. Kay Hänggi, current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, SNSF Mobility Fellowship, Moffitt Cancer Center, USA
Dr. Janin Knop, Medical Communications Manager EMEA, Novocure

Dr. Lisanne Spilgies, Client Service Director in Healthcare at Ogilvy

Dr. Lazaros Vasilikos, Senior Scientist/Co-director, Viral Vector Facility, UZH

Masters students (most recent):

Micha Beetz (Research Associate, Mabylon AG)

Samanta Kisele (Research Associate Pediatric Oncology, Kispi ZH)

Marlene Lochner (University of Innsbruck, PhD studies)

Valentine Homère, UZH (Immunology)

BUSS/Swiss Excellence students:

Zachary Best (USA)

Gabrielle Brewer (Nature Reviews Cancer Editor)

Yu Cheng Gordon Chua (PhD with Prof. Dr William Heath, University of Melbourne, Australia)
Si-Sim Kang (currently in her PhD, John Hopkins University, USA)
Milan Muso

Kristy Rieck (Research and Teaching Assistant, University of Victoria)


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Stefanie Rufli

Has graduated! October 2022

Best wishes for the future!!!!

Selene Stacchi

Selene joined the lab in March 2022. She's currently working on her masters in Cancer Biology. 

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